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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Data Science

Data Science

It is data which define ages from early age to modern age. Data and concept of data were there in early ages, in Palaeolithic ages, in Neolithic ages and this is data which differentiate all ages from early age to modern age.

In early ages when crude stones were used as most successful weapons people were surviving on the usage of their gadgets of stones. But now it seems that data has become the most widely known tool in every field of life. Playing with data is giving advantages to information technology and equally serving in the field of medicine, food, aviation, transports, agriculture, security, and banking. But for better elaboration Information technology with the help of data is serving all the fields. That is the main reason data only has transformed into data Science or data-driven science.

Whenever archaeologist finds something written from ancient ages they try to read for extracting actual information. Something similar is with data scientists when they get data that could be possibly in any form; they have to extract actual information from it. For example, consider below pictures both are unreadable for any layman. But an expert from the field of archaeology can read easily the writing on the stone. A data scientist can read the information written in the binary language of 0 and 1. Both of the readings require enough knowledge and skills relevant to writings.

In the case of data science, the advanced computational mechanism is suggested based on high-speed computers, algorithms, Storage devices.

The complexity involved: Now it seems for the survival of mankind data would be the major indicator after wheat.  I think the world is producing data more than the wheat grains every year. Every single field including food is going to depend on decisions based on data. That is why the complete mechanism is suggested for data science.

Whatever you are doing your job, banking, shopping, and hospitalisation, transportation, based on the correspondence of information technology and information technology are storing in forms of 0’s and 1’s. Brands and organisations are taking major decisions on the basis of their stored data. Data must be stored on heavy storage devices, for the decision making complex algorithm are processed on the data. To compute algorithm on huge data High-speed computers are a must.
So in the light of upper elaboration, data has transformed into data science because of the complexity of the matter.

Data Visualization: After data processing and extraction of information another stage comes is a presentation of data. Definitely, information extracted from a bigger platform would be bigger as well and need to be further understandable in no times. For this purpose again a complication involves is a quick human understanding, which is mostly satisfied with the techniques of data visualisation.   Some most popular examples are to present on 2 Dimensional planes or 3-dimensional planes, and few are to present in form of pictures. 

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