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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Letter to supreme power

My lord,

This is the complaint that we are suffering. We are in real bad conditions.  We are in severe pain. We are not finding relief to our pain .we are crying from our heart .we are living a shabby life. We are thirsty. We are hungry .we are deprived of peaceful sleep .we are injured. Our wounds are bleeding. We are dying but we do not die. Dark smoke has encircled us we cannot see.We are shouting but no one can listen.

This world is shaking because of the massacre. The massacre is going on in the days full of bright lights and in the dark nights. Massacre in hot in cold. 

We are helpless and waiting for a miracle to happen in our life. Please resolve our sufferings. Improve our conditions. Please relieve our pain. Turn our crying tears into smiling ones. Make our life happy.  Satisfy our hunger and quenches our thirst. Shower peace so we can sleep. Please heal our wounds. Give us life. Show us brightness of wisdom. 
Please listen to us. We are waiting...

Human being

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