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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Nail Art

Nail Art

So many things came into fashion and became outdated about hands. But no one can deny jewellery and colour for hands and nails. It is believed that hands reflect the personality and the age so we must have to take care as we do for our diet, fitness, beauty and makeup. Henna and nail polish both helps to make hands and nails beautiful and enhance the impression of looking young.  

It is been quite a while that nail art became in fashion and biggest trend, nail colures have been innovated in shades and in styles. Nail art tools are available in the market, to make beautiful art of various designs.

But there is also a room of simplicity which harper bazaar highlighted in a feature. The feature is interesting because there is no hard work and time involved to decorate nails. The suggested designs are very simple and using fresh colures of the recent trends.


  1. Pretty nail arts! I might try one of these! :)
    Beauty Tending