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Friday, 30 December 2016

World Richest

The World's Richest

Richest of 2016 announced. They are the billionaires, they the normal human being, they have only major five senses Sight, hearing, taste and smell and touch. They eat like the rest of the world. If they do not sleep they might fall ill. When they feel thirst they drink. They eat when they are hungry. Their senses work just as work for others when they are hit they are hurt. They do not have to worry about their bread and butter. They have fears in their life like many others but might be biggest one is fear of loss of wealth. They have everything in their near access. They can afford to live on other planets. They are in lime light because they have millions, billions or maybe trillions.

Announced for 2016

The world calculates their worth; Big magazines announce their worth with great pride. They could get this worth due to hard work due to their intelligent strategies or due to their fate of inheritance. But I want to know why it is announced. They want the world to fall in inferiority complex or they want to make richest realise to donate something to poor.

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