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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Sisters Pinkie and Sunny

I was lying in my bed; my younger sister came to me and laid by my side her head on my shoulder. I was reading about a conversation between two sisters in a book. A sudden flash of wrecking thought came into my mind that I cannot stand if something bad happens to my sister or brother.

The conversation I read about was Sunny came to see Pinkie and told her that a guy has proposed her and wants to marry her. Pinkie said after listening she should consider the proposal as no one is there to take care of her. Sunny left and Pinkie dropped herself in miserable thoughts of possibilities of future ahead waiting for herself and for her sister.

You Know, when Pinkie and sunny were born their father was a minister in a country they had two brothers also. The people from the country loved their father because of his noble and honourable personality. Soon he became the king of the country, the king who loved to serve the poor and his mission was to raise the living standards for the poor people of his country.

His respect for the equality of rights for everyone was not liked by few people, they started to conspire against him and arrested him sentenced him to death.  But during his detention in his death cell, he advised Pinkie to live an honourable life and promote the concept of equality of rights.

Pinkie took words from her father, keep trying on the mission of his assassinated father. Same people did same to her, they tried suppressing her personality, tried to suppress the ideology from her father by keeping her in long time detention. She kept her moral high against every obstacle. Whatever the circumstances were she strived for the mission of her father. After the demise of her brothers, she left alone with her sister sunny. But she kept going on and lost her life too and became an example for the entire world leaving Sunny alone.

Though I feel sorry for everyone but the most for Sunny who lost Father, Brothers, sister and no one is left with her to cherish sweet memories being a family, family of the Daughter of the destiny

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