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Monday, 16 January 2017

Women and Rights

A mother can teach a child what no other could do. This is actually a mother who teaches to utter the first word of life this is a mother who teaches to take the first step of life, how to sit, how to eat how to pay your gratitude and respect to others. Whatever the circumstances would be a mother will always think and struggle for a better personality of her child. How is it possible the words the responsibility to own, learnt from laps of a mother is ignored or maybe be neglected in his or her attitude toward opposite genders.  Especially when a mother has taught to respect a mother respect a sister respect a wife respect a neighbour and respect wherever a woman is. How a man can make mistake to suppress the rights of women. From whom women want to snatch their rights. From whom are they afraid? Are not these women themselves depriving by themselves by raising their male and female children on double standards?  A female child is always cautioned to behave well not to take over themselves in front of males but not the male child is ever taught to lower their gaze and guard their modesty.

If every single woman who have brought up her kids to respect and care for other’s rights then who is there to hold rights of a woman. On top of the rights, a woman needs education and training to aid when she raise her children, she raises them to understand respect and rights of others at their ends not to accept the opposite to give them. First tell a woman what actually their rights are then they can fight for it.

Books have been written rallies are being shown to give rights to women. The women who actually are fighting for rights of women are really deprived of freedom or their own rights.  The sufferers have normally oppressed ones they cannot speak or they cannot stand for their dignity but the one who is speaking already have enough freedom to voice their concepts which really do not benefit in any way to the oppressed class of the female gender.

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