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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Most Creative Years of Einstein

Swiss Council officially elected Einstein on June 16, 1902, as a Technical Expert Class 3 of the Federal Office for Intellectual Property with an annual salary of 3,500 francs. Bern’s new Postal and Telegraph Building was located near the world famous clock tower. History marked the years in office as most creative years of his life. Daily arriving at 8:00 AM in the office and staying at work for examining patent applications has worth to consider his letters to his friends.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Hot Brands

Dear Brands, best brands of the world  Nike, Adidas, Uniqlo,       Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Herm├ĘsChanelPrada, Congratulation for being ranked top brand of the world according to Forbes. (http://www.forbes.com/powerful-brands/list/#tab:rank). You have worked a lot and achieved success by satisfying customer at their height. There is no doubt that products of yours are in no comparison with others. Whatever you prepare fit on the human body from apparel and luxury items to small accessories. People look perfect and even defects of anatomy are gone on wearing your trademarks without any loss of comfort. Oh yes, also the consumer of your brand also boast off for wearing top brand of the world.

I have seen your goods on websites, unfortunately, cannot deliver into my country. All of the things are just perfect, apparels are so good and serene to hit human aesthetics. Anyone would like to buy them immediately and use them in routine life of home, office, sports, evening and party. I also observed sales section on your sites which means you work for the benefit of your customer from the depth of heart and you deserve to be top ranked and greetings from customers for being top ranked.

What if you can ask the customer to give you back the worn out products and you recycle them in order to maintain reserves of this earth and to pay a little to avoid global warming. I don’t mean to make apparel and party wear of those worn-out but at least you can prepare shopper bags of your brands instead of preparing new one after a hefty chemical mechanical and another process. You can make other small things like box for shoes, like an umbrella to walk in the sunny day if they cannot resist water. Also, key rings from the worn out brooch a few cases for your jewellery. These are just a few ideas to pay a gentle regard to this dying earth and save it from dying of climate change. These are not new ideas our grandma use to do these tricks and we can take advantage of them for a very noble cause.

I am not asking to make everything of worn-outs, at least do where possible without hurting the dignity of the brand. Please don’t mind I am not pleading you to be the brands of recycled ones but to be a brand taking care of this earth and upcoming generations in a healthy environment.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Adventure of shopping and suicide

Adventures are always incomplete without friends. Like I have many adventures with my friends but the one to commit suicide is really in demand of healthy consideration for understanding the innocent soul of children and their reactions toward their own mistakes.  I never dare for long to talk about the suicide attempt me and my brother enjoyed with our friends. Till we grew up no one was aware of this top secret of my life along with many others secrets as were so good in keeping our secrets with us.The story I want to tell is ahead.

Once upon a time I, my brother and my neighbourhood friend along with her brother saved our pocket money since for a while. Our plan was not to buy anything from tuck shop near to our home but we will go straight to the bazaar. When we satisfied with the saved amount to spend together we secretly planned to go to the bazaar and buy stuff for us. The day came when according to the plan we had to go for shopping in the evening. We dressed up we brushed our hair and got ready since we had a lot of money for a big party and we left for a big shopping. We started our journey reached bazaar and I do not remember the things we bought and enjoyed. Also, do not remember how much time we spent in the bazaar and safely came back.

On our way back to home we were very excited and shared our feelings with each other that we have grown up we can go to shopping on our own we can cross heavy traffic roads without the help of elders.

By the time we reached near to our home everyone rushed to us and inquired us that where were we? Something bad might not happen to us? Someone might not kidnap us because they were about to report to the police station for missing Children. But when we excitedly told about our adventures everyone scolded us badly, threatened us, and took an oath not to do it again.

As the curtain fell on the bad scene of drama our elders were out of our sight.  We decided straight away that we must not live this life and simply decided to commit suicide for getting rid of the insult we had. All of us were so much disappointed in our lives just at the age of 9 for me 8 for my brother and my friend and 7 for my friend’s brother. After thinking a lot made poison took it secretly and went to sleep. I and my brother woke up with a noise next morning despite we took poison that someone had mixed sugar salt and pepper in containers which we never accepted that we made the poison of all these 3 ingredients.

We were treated hardly we decided to die and I am sure about myself if we were treated politely we must have gone again to bazaar on our own and might become a victim of a road accident or something like this.  In my opinion treating children politely or harshly cannot set patterns to the chain of unavoidable actions or reaction from them. In the end, I would say only that children are at all times proved unpredictable to handle. The only thing that helps is to keep eye on them and nothing else.