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Friday, 31 March 2017

Story of Horse

Do you know who Bucephalus was; I know you must have heard about this or somewhere read about this. At least I have heard stories of Bucephalus many times.  I can recall my uncle told me a story in childhood, my teacher in graduation class once talked about Bucephalus, I read in books and I explored during web browsing by chance. Now I can count that a lot of people know about Bucephalus, the loyal, brave and beautiful horse of Alexander the great.  But no one knows a horse except my cousins and siblings, showing us the attitude like Bucephalus.

Whenever I read a reference of Bucephalus in any book in the relation of Alexander the great I see the horse of a Carriage in front of my eyes. That horse was stubborn like Bucephalus but had no feelings for his master.  The story is; on the reception day of my uncle we had to travel back to our home from the venue and there were few things cannot be manage to put in the cars. A Carriage was arranged for carrying the stuff and all of us kids insisted to sit in that, we got permission on the account that our two cousins will look after us and we will not be mischievous. We sit in the Carriage and horse started walking and till the half way to home it was perfect. But on the bridge it started galloping and right in the middle of the bridge of Railway crossing horse put his front legs on the fence of the bridge. Oh my God that was too horrible, we just started crying and jumped from the carriage.  Master of the horse was tried to handle the horse but the situation was bad, neither the horse was Bucephalus nor the master was Alexander the great.  Bucephalus was the horse no one could tame but Alexander the great decided to tame the horse and you know what all he did. He just spoke politely to the horse and turned his face towards the sun so that the horse could not see his own shadow. But in the night there was not the shadow of the horse of the carriage and he was out of control. Also master could not control the horse till we stayed at the spot. In actual I remember we did not stay there any long we jumped out of the carriage and started running toward our home without looking back.

I would suggest despite the stories of faithfulness of horses, everyone should be careful of them.

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