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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Three ingredients

We are shrinking the earth, distances have become shorter we reach the destination in the very short period of time but we are finding very less time for our food. We are rushing for few ingredients recipes to meet our ends of time. Evolving world has changed the concept of food we are eating. sometimes we do not find time, sometimes we have to reduce calories, sometimes our health does not allow us to go for a complete meal. Few ingredients or in other words three ingredients recipes are gaining popularity around the globe.

Three ingredients recipes are normally the one with minimum preparation time and with minimum calories. One can count calories in three ingredients recipes because of less number of ingredients. 

The ratio of all three ingredients varies in the proportion of taste, energy requirements or cooking time. Three ingredients recipes are easy to handle from start of the cooking process which in my opinion starts with the shopping. Not only less the ingredients less the time to cook but less the time to manage them or refrigerate them or store them. Just buy three ingredients for each recipe and store them together after slicing or dicing in a packet for an entire week with the label of the recipe name.

Three ingredients recipes contain only three main ingredients of vegetable, meat, grains, dairy products and then add taste enhancer in three ingredients of the recipe. Taste enhancers are the same as that of any other recipe like Salt, pepper, chillies. Sugar, Brown Sugar or you can use any other herb.

Enjoy few ingredients, less ingredient or three ingredients recipes at the height of health, taste and food aesthetics of current modern time.

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