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Wednesday, 26 April 2017


The first ever lesson I was taught in early age was that the sun should be behind the camera so that reflection of the object would be behind the object and picture would be clear with any reflection. I use to think this rule as a single rule of photography because in my opinion when a child is told something by parents the child keep it with all heart.

The rule is absolutely correct but advancements in photography and creativity have given a new turn to all old rules. Specially Digitization and DSRL Cameras has many things to consider for a photographer and all the things I realised in my few classes of photography course. 

I bought DSLR camera around two years back but I never used it with all of the functions so I decided to learn because I heard somewhere that using a DSLR Camera on Auto settings is an insult of the Camera. My experience is very good in the class. But I am feeling it a little bit difficult to memorise all terminologies related to Cameras from different companies other than the core photographic technologies. 

Most used terms with keeping a complete science and techniques in it are

Focal Length

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