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Monday, 28 November 2016

Beauty tips, Home remedies, Quick beauty fix

Blogs, clips, pins, websites a lot of literature available known as beauty tip, body detox remedy, belly fat reducing agent, face lifting, hair growth mask or tonic. Interestingly all of ingredients are easily available on nearby store in very cheap and online stores are also selling at very low cost. It is not something that stores are taking care of your beauty and wellbeing and selling these products on cheap prices. But the truth is most of them are vegetables, fruits, herbs, oils juices, honey, yogurt, rice and beans and you can find them in your kitchen as well.

We just need to mix ingredients in different portion and the variable of the quantity is half tae spoon to big table spoon. We do not need to get a mixer, blender, juicer and chopper it is recommended to mix in a small bowl with the help of fork or a spoon.  Have you ever tried any of them like mixing lemon, honey and rose water, believe me before applying on face you can add them in a glass of water too because taste is so good and grapefruit, mint and sugar also good to drink. But please do not try to drink mask of honey and tomato juice seems a bit ridiculous idea may be good for skin. Lemon juice and yogurt works well for a fruit salad dressing. I don’t disagree with the idea of applying them on face and get benefit of them but before apply all fruits mask take a bowl full of fruit salad and eat.

It is also suggested that apply these mask for 20 minutes to half an hour and sit idle watch TV or read a book. But I think there is no harm if you have applied cucumber juice on your face while cooking. You can also apply these fruity herbs mask while doing your abs exercise and doing squats to tone your body. You can take advantage of your own brain what kind of mask you can eat before applying and after exercise.

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