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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Birthday Cake & Hair Style

Every year when on my birthday I have so many different things to cherish my memories I recall a hairstyle of Birthday. The hair style of my youngest brother was not perfect in my opinion on the day I was going to celebrate my eighth Birthday. In those days all of us were living together with my paternal grandparents so no one was outside to be invited for the cake cutting ceremony so we had a small celebration. 

The hair style story is for entire noon I waited for everyone to go for the afternoon nap so that I could play with my brother and make his hairstyle so good for the evening. Somehow I found myself alone with my 2 years old brother. I brushed his hair, put some gel, wet his hair but nothing was going with my childhood high sense of style.Let me tell you my brother was my very good friend and used to enjoy my company so much that is why he was letting me for his hair style again and again. 

When everything failed I decided to give him a very good hair cut. Fortunately or unfortunately (I don't know either) I managed to find a scissor from my father's shaving kit or from my mother's sewing kit I exactly do not remember. I started my job means cutting his hair and continued the process till the hair style perfectly suit my aesthetic sense. In actual not to suit my sense of beauty but there was no hair left on his head to cut further. I finished my work of hair style and presented to my grandmother, she scolded me even everyone scolded me the noon became horrible. My parents and grandparents thanked God that I luckily did not hurt my brother and myself.

But the evening became more horrible and prolonged the story. When I was cutting my birthday cake, the knife was not cutting it because I was holding knife downside up. My uncle realised that uttered that I can only cut the hairs, not the cake. After that birthday everyone has a sentence to tease me "I can do only cut the hairs". 

Children always do naughty things but on some special occasion, they think more. In my story, nothing worst happened but parents should be a little more careful on such days. 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Vitamin B12

Oh my God I! never knew the importance of Vitamin B12 before writing an article for my friend.
It was also so new to me that animal Liver is enriched in Vitamin B12 and remind me of strictness of my parents to eat Lamb or Beef Liver at least once in a month. 

I was surprised to know that this nutrient is only found in animal food and not in other natural sources like beans, grains or vegetables and vegetarians are likely to the deficit in Vitamin B12. Not only vegetarian but infants born to vegetarian mothers face vitamin B12 deficiency.

Vitamin B12 foods are animal related food for example milk, cheese, meat, animals organs and eggs. The other source of Vitamin B12 foods is synthetic ones like Vitamin B12 supplements, Vitamin B12 Injections, Vitamin B12 tablets and Vitamin B12 nasal gels. I also learnt Vitamin B12 foods help in the treatment of cyanide poisoning. 

Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to certain serious health issues of brain, nervous system and anaemia if not treated in time. The most important systems of the human body as the brain, cell formation and nerves are depending on this Vitamin B12 food, what else is left to think about the importance of Vitamin B12 foods.

If this Vitamin B12 food is important so much for health, how vegetarian could survive. No worries to Vegetarians they can rely on Vitamin B12 supplements, Vitamin B12 injections and Vitamin B12 tablets. But they must have to visit doctors for healthy intake guidance to include in their routine diet.

All I came to knew about this slightly unknown vitamin is very interesting to me and made me to study nutrients in food.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

National Day Cupcake


Butter    500grams
Sugar     500grams
Eggs      12
Flour     500grams
Salt        1/2 teaspoon
Baking Powder  1 teaspoon
Vanilla essence 1 teaspoon
ChocolateChip  1/2 Cup
Yellow colour
Cupcake paper mould
Flags sticker


  • Preheat oven at180-degrees.
  • Prepare cake moulds and set them in the cupcake tray.
  • Sieve flour and add salt with baking powder and set aside.
  • Beat butter and slowly add sugar to make the fluffy batter.
  • Add eggs one by one and beat the mixture till fluffy add Vanilla essence at the end and a little of yellow colour.
  • Fold the flour into the batter in three portions.
  • Mix Chocolate chip in prepared batter.
  • Immediately transfer cake batter in cupcakes moulds and bake for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Cool down cake and insert toothpick stick with stickers.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Gingerbread Man

I have always heard and read whenever I have a nightmare that many dreams occur due to the activities have done all day long. I want to know if this is true up to a little extent even and tried to think something particular all day long but nothing experienced what I was carrying in my mind.  

I did an experiment of watching movies before bedtime so that I could dream about the movie I watched. I was not successful in watching any dream of the movies I watched the same day or the ones I watched days before. Despite following a routine for a couple of days or may be more than two weeks I was unable to find any evidence of my assumed hypothesis about dreams.

Later, I gave a try to biographies of many people like by Maya Angelou and read her book "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" nothing happened, She did not come to my dream. Though I was not expecting her to tell me about her life but she did not bother to say Hi to prove my hypothetical study. Maya Angelou is an old lady why not let Elizabeth gilbert for "Eat Pray Love" come to my dream or Ketut liyer a medicine man and healer never came to visit my dreams. Believe me, I do not mean Ketut to heal my crazy wounds but at least I deserve a Hello.

Next book is Einstein: His life and Universe by Walter Isaacson, I apologise to explain Einstein seems too busy in calculations with his friends Marcel Grossmann and Michele Angelo Besso when his second wife Elsa Einstein is busy taking care of him. His first wife Mileva Mari feeling busy for his kids. I attempted more and write blogs about Einstein in his Bern patent office, a blog about his wife Elsa and one also to tell his relationship with his children. No one from that book even Hitler come to see me, you know Walter Isaacson author of the book I thought about him all day long but in vain. 

Above mentioned people were not from my country they might have some issues including language as a barrier, no worries I can try people from my own country. Daughter of destiny became my target, this book is written by assassinated Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto an ex-prime minister of Pakistan. The youngest of Pakistan and first of Muslim world female prime minister. She wrote hardships of life in the regime of General Zia-ul-Haq, both of them are still facing each other in my point of view.

When everyone failed to come to me, I baked Ginger Bread man. He has jumped from oven, the childless lady who baked her first is jumping behind him and I am waiting for them to come to my dream no but I am waiting for everyone I talked about before. You can also suggest me if you know someone possibly come to my dreams.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

What should I do First

I have nothing to blog, I am confused because of so many things in queue to work on. Like I just saw a research position dealing with the cellular network and targeting the base station not to be placed exactly in the centre of a cell and wanted to apply on that.

But exactly before that, I was deeply thinking about the ancient civilisations and prehistory of the world. How do prehistory and ancient civilisation come to upfront, what were the resources to gather information for their existence and what kind of information and data gave help to classify them? Symbols or words inscribed on the stones might help to read their culture, might help to read their lifestyle. In the end, there was something found to know about them like written parchment or papyrus, patterned clay, drawn in the form of pictures on pots. but in recent times we are saving all of the information in form of soft copies which in my opinion are so far vulnerable in comparison of written clay tablets, papyrus or written parchment.What is the future of data because a fire could hit a tsunami can destroy up to a certain area but an internet virus can become a global virus when we are connected to the internet could destroy much of the data very quickly. New techniques are evolving day by day for a tighter security of the data but new techniques are also hitting the security as well.

Before ancient data story, I was badly indulged to know about Tea how the entire world even before this globalisation was familiar to tea. Though the plants could be different around the world for preparing tea in different regions yet there is tea found everywhere around the world.

What should I do first work on the cellular network, ancient data preserves in comparison of recent data, Preparing tea around the globe.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017



Butter   250grams
Sugar     250grams
Eggs       6
Flour      250grams
Salt         1 pinch
Baking Powder  1 teaspoon
Vanilla essence 1 teaspoon
Yellow colour
Cupcake paper mould


  • Preheat oven at180-degree centigrade.
  • Prepare cake moulds.
  • Sieve flour with salt and baking powder and set aside.
  • Mix Sugar with butter and beat until creamy and fluffy in texture.
  • Add eggs one by one and beat the mixture till fluffy add Vanilla essence at the end and a little of yellow colour.
  • Gradually fold the flour in butter batter in three portions.
  • Immediately transfer cake batter in cupcakes moulds and bake for 20 to 30 minutes.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Watermelon Cake

Watermelon Cake


Butter   250grams
Sugar     250grams
Eggs       6
Flour      250grams
Salt         1 pinch
Baking Powder  1 teaspoon
Vanilla essence 1 teaspoon
Red and Green food colour to requirement


Preheat oven at180-degree centigrade.
Prepare cake pan with butter paper lining, grease and dust plain flour

Sieve flour with salt and baking powder and set aside.

Mix Sugar with butter and beat until creamy and fluffy in texture now add vanilla essence.

Add eggs one by one and beat the mixture till fluffy.

Gradually fold the flour in butter batter in three portion

Now the key to this watermelon cake is put green and red food colour in separate bowls

Mix 3/4 cake batter in red colour and 1/4 portion of cake batter in green colour. you cake add the white chocolate chip or green chocolate chip in the batter of red colour. .Pour red batter into the centre of the greased pan first and now carefully pour green batter alongside the red batter.

Bake cake batter in the oven for 45 minutes or till the toothpick inserted comes clean out of the centre

Cut the slices like watermelons and serve.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star A Story


Twinkle twinkle Little Star
How I Wonder What you are.

The first rhyme I learned and telling to my grandfather as I finished telling him and asked me now tell me the complete poem what actually it is about. I became nervous. He called my mother and asked her she has memorised complete verses but does not understand the poem. 

He started giving a lecture to my mother why did not she make me understand the poem. My mother took words seriously felt a little bad and typically considers an insult from a Father-in-Law. My mother had a point of view that I have memorised the poem this is second step to make her understand the poem. But my grandfather was stick to his point that thing should go in parallel for a child and must learn the poem with full empathy at the same time. So he gave me an understanding of the poem which I learnt by hear. But also from that day, I became extremely conscious and whenever I came to know something new I keep annoying my elders to explain me, to make me understand.

The next time I became more confused in fact I would like to say now “How I Wonder What you are”. A neighbouring auntie visited us, asked me out of love with children do you remember rhymes. I told her, yes I remember twinkle twinkle and read the poem to her and then explained to her as my grandfather did. But she said you have memorised the poem but you are not giving the actions for the poem. She taught me actions for the poem. 

Let me tell you mischievously that my mother did not mind what the auntie said but she did for what my grandfather said being a daughter-in-law. Also, I did not tell her that I have written this. 

My point is how the process of learning starts for a child, memorising the poems, their explanations and then the actions for the poem. After accomplishment of a step, a new step opens a new Horizon. If had not learnt the poem then might not learn the explanations, the meaning and the actions for it. Take the first step next will automatically open up to your way. 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Birth stones & Date of Birth

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


History of Handbags

When we need we create. Same is the case for bags; it was not invented by accident rather it is the creation of need. Intellect certifies that in early ages when earth inhabitants roam around must need something to put their belongings and the need also entered in the race of fashion. 

In modern times from fashion bags to bags for gadgets are equally in use. Bag companies and fashion brands are equally playing with aesthetics to prepare bags as much beautiful as possible and satisfying needs of customers.

Freedom OR Restriction

The existence of depression, loneliness and Societal pressure is not the subject of a particular society, region or gender. A person of any region, cast or creed could be a victim of this with a slight variance of parameters of its surroundings. Sometimes freedom of the society and sometimes restriction are causing damage. Once I read a true story about a depressed teen girl belonging to a developed and progressed country. It is a normal impression for a person like me that people would not be depressed in a developed country as they have a better life and health plans. According to the author of the story that parents of the girl separated in her childhood and remarried after some time. Also, no one was there left for her. She was living alone in an apartment belonging to her either of parents. It hardly happened they visit her or call her to them. First, she started overeating out of her loneliness and became a victim of obesity, people around her use to tease her for being fat. She isolated herself more and started taking drugs to overcome her loneliness and one day she died because of overdose. This is how a youthful life became a victim of her social pressure being fat and societal freedom to get drugs easily. 

On the other hand, in developing, country people depend on each other for the fulfilment of their livings. Like I came to know for a guy who committed suicide just before the day he was getting married. This was just because he was supporting his ill brothers and could not arrange for livings of his wife after his marriage. He became a victim of the social pressure that he cannot manage his livings up to certain standards. He was bound for the fulfilment of needs of others dependent on him because of social pressure.

 Parents of the girl left her to die alone and living their lives, the family of the boy totally dependent on him pulled him to commit suicide. I am helpless to figure out an individual must be free to the parents of the girl belonging to a developed country or restricted like the boy belonging to a developing country. Is there any way existing to overcome war of freedom and restriction?

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Most Creative Years of Einstein

Swiss Council officially elected Einstein on June 16, 1902, as a Technical Expert Class 3 of the Federal Office for Intellectual Property with an annual salary of 3,500 francs. Bern’s new Postal and Telegraph Building was located near the world famous clock tower. History marked the years in office as most creative years of his life. Daily arriving at 8:00 AM in the office and staying at work for examining patent applications has worth to consider his letters to his friends.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Hot Brands

Dear Brands, best brands of the world  Nike, Adidas, Uniqlo,       Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Herm├ĘsChanelPrada, Congratulation for being ranked top brand of the world according to Forbes. (http://www.forbes.com/powerful-brands/list/#tab:rank). You have worked a lot and achieved success by satisfying customer at their height. There is no doubt that products of yours are in no comparison with others. Whatever you prepare fit on the human body from apparel and luxury items to small accessories. People look perfect and even defects of anatomy are gone on wearing your trademarks without any loss of comfort. Oh yes, also the consumer of your brand also boast off for wearing top brand of the world.

I have seen your goods on websites, unfortunately, cannot deliver into my country. All of the things are just perfect, apparels are so good and serene to hit human aesthetics. Anyone would like to buy them immediately and use them in routine life of home, office, sports, evening and party. I also observed sales section on your sites which means you work for the benefit of your customer from the depth of heart and you deserve to be top ranked and greetings from customers for being top ranked.

What if you can ask the customer to give you back the worn out products and you recycle them in order to maintain reserves of this earth and to pay a little to avoid global warming. I don’t mean to make apparel and party wear of those worn-out but at least you can prepare shopper bags of your brands instead of preparing new one after a hefty chemical mechanical and another process. You can make other small things like box for shoes, like an umbrella to walk in the sunny day if they cannot resist water. Also, key rings from the worn out brooch a few cases for your jewellery. These are just a few ideas to pay a gentle regard to this dying earth and save it from dying of climate change. These are not new ideas our grandma use to do these tricks and we can take advantage of them for a very noble cause.

I am not asking to make everything of worn-outs, at least do where possible without hurting the dignity of the brand. Please don’t mind I am not pleading you to be the brands of recycled ones but to be a brand taking care of this earth and upcoming generations in a healthy environment.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Adventure of shopping and suicide

Adventures are always incomplete without friends. Like I have many adventures with my friends but the one to commit suicide is really in demand of healthy consideration for understanding the innocent soul of children and their reactions toward their own mistakes.  I never dare for long to talk about the suicide attempt me and my brother enjoyed with our friends. Till we grew up no one was aware of this top secret of my life along with many others secrets as were so good in keeping our secrets with us.The story I want to tell is ahead.

Once upon a time I, my brother and my neighbourhood friend along with her brother saved our pocket money since for a while. Our plan was not to buy anything from tuck shop near to our home but we will go straight to the bazaar. When we satisfied with the saved amount to spend together we secretly planned to go to the bazaar and buy stuff for us. The day came when according to the plan we had to go for shopping in the evening. We dressed up we brushed our hair and got ready since we had a lot of money for a big party and we left for a big shopping. We started our journey reached bazaar and I do not remember the things we bought and enjoyed. Also, do not remember how much time we spent in the bazaar and safely came back.

On our way back to home we were very excited and shared our feelings with each other that we have grown up we can go to shopping on our own we can cross heavy traffic roads without the help of elders.

By the time we reached near to our home everyone rushed to us and inquired us that where were we? Something bad might not happen to us? Someone might not kidnap us because they were about to report to the police station for missing Children. But when we excitedly told about our adventures everyone scolded us badly, threatened us, and took an oath not to do it again.

As the curtain fell on the bad scene of drama our elders were out of our sight.  We decided straight away that we must not live this life and simply decided to commit suicide for getting rid of the insult we had. All of us were so much disappointed in our lives just at the age of 9 for me 8 for my brother and my friend and 7 for my friend’s brother. After thinking a lot made poison took it secretly and went to sleep. I and my brother woke up with a noise next morning despite we took poison that someone had mixed sugar salt and pepper in containers which we never accepted that we made the poison of all these 3 ingredients.

We were treated hardly we decided to die and I am sure about myself if we were treated politely we must have gone again to bazaar on our own and might become a victim of a road accident or something like this.  In my opinion treating children politely or harshly cannot set patterns to the chain of unavoidable actions or reaction from them. In the end, I would say only that children are at all times proved unpredictable to handle. The only thing that helps is to keep eye on them and nothing else.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Healthy Hair

I always found my hair on my hair brush, in my washroom, on my pillow, on the back of Sofa and on the Scarfs but not found good healthy hair on my head.  Shampoos, Conditioners, Hair Oils nothing worked for me. Whenever I browse for healthy hair I found blogs and reviews from many people related to washing hair with soap nut including some additional herbs like Gooseberry and SikaKai.

I tried only Soap nut wash at first that worked for me for 2 to 3 times but in the later couple of wash my hairs were too greasy and could not be tolerated anymore. Yes, I feel there was a mistake in the recipe I was following. For this wash, I added 5 Soap nut in my empty shampoo bottle, filled the bottle with water overnight and washed my hair in the morning but I did not change those 5 Soap nuts with new ones since I read on blogs that soap nuts are enough for many washes and somehow reusable.  I thought I might not boil the soap nut so I have greasy hair and but boiling also was unsuccessful. I left this and switched back to my shampoos for healthy hair.

Again I was pinched because of hair fall and jumped to browse for healthy hair, again I found Soap nut. But at this point, I tried other herbs (Gooseberry and Shikakai) with Soap nut according to many websites. But this time I made my own recipe including fenugreek seeds as I was pretty sure that these mild herbs cannot cause severe damage.  That worked for me though I do not see so much healthy hair on my head in the start yet I do not see hair anywhere including my brush, Pillow, scarfs, washroom.

The recipe is

Gooseberry 2 Tablespoon Powdered

Shikakai 2 Table Spoon Powdered

Soap nut 5 to 6 seed taken out

Fenugreek seed 2 Table Spoon Powdered

If you do not find powders form of these herbs you can ground them by yourself.  Mix all of the herbs and soak in water one night before the wash.  If you feel the mixture a little coarse ground again. 

Before taking shower apply this herbal mask on your scalp and hair very well cover the head and do other things reading, cooking, ironing, dish washing, laundry, Manicure, Pedicure for half an hour. Wash thoroughly; keep massaging your head while running water on the head.  You will definitely feel it a remedy of hair fall, a remedy for frizzy hair, a remedy for hair growth and whitening. Because gooseberry helps darkening, fenugreek full of proteins,  Shikakai detangles and fight dandruff.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Experience and reading books

Experience is not something to learn from book reading. To be an experienced must have to work, work till the depth is found clear and vivid. Books are always good to learn the knowledge but the implementation is far beyond the reading and learning a book. A lesson from books might be forgotten but not the experience especially in some exceptional situations. 

This is a very small incident I am sharing but gave me a lot of preventive measurements and precautions before doing anything.I remember during my graduate course of databases was offered as a compulsory subject. Though I do not like the subject of databases yes I never hated or reluctant to learn either. The subject went fine teacher taught wholeheartedly and class learnt including me also the subject of database became a prerequisite for many courses later offered during graduate. When the course of web development offered I chose a Dynamic web project of online Utility billing system. It was dynamic because it was a database driven web development project.

I started working with my two other project mates. Since the project is divided into two parts of web pages design and database design and then combine both of them to come with a complete operational solution. We designed web pages and core databases of the project of the online billing system. Let me explain for the one who does not have much idea of the database a web development. Working on this kind of project is something like icing bag used with nozzles of different size and designs.  Once you have filled an icing bag with icing of any colour and flavour you can make several designs by changing nozzle or variations of techniques for icing. Something is similar to a database. Once you have accurately filled data in the database with all of the necessary requirements, you can apply different techniques of query language to see data in different ways.

When we were done with our core designs of database and web pages we started to retrieve data from the database to web pages. This is almost the last phase of the project to connect database with web pages and web Forms. All of us member entered computer lab early in the morning around 8:00 AM and started our work to fetch data on web pages from the database. We used one technique but data was not appearing on the page then the second and so on changed the alternate methods but all was in vain. We were all worried and could not figure out our mistake, we managed to get help from our seniors and other class fellows but no one was able to work out. It was around 3:00 PM after trying hard each and every technique of database connectivity, I switched to work on to prepare a printable document of the project. While I was taking the snapshots of the database I came to know that there was no record fed into the database and no record was displaying on web pages because of it. You can also assume icing bag was not full of icing and we were trying to create different designs by changing the nozzles and different techniques.

It was because one of the members working on delete queries accidently removed all of the records from the database and we did not notice. We reworked on it submitted the project got good grades in the course. But from that day I became cautious and my other friends too at least for the rest of the graduation courses. From that day onward before doing anything I started taking all kind of precautionary measurements.  Though it was only a course project but gave us to change our attitude lesson also there were so many books we consulted about web development and database but we got a useful lesson by working on and by experience.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Peri Peri Bites


Green Chillies 20

Chicken mince 500g

Mozzarella cheese 200g

Mayonnaise 2 Tablespoon

Salt 1 Tablespoon

Peri Peri Sauce 1 Table Spoon

Black Pepper 1 Teaspoon

Ginger Paste 1 Tablespoon

Garlic Paste 1 Tablespoon

1 Egg

Bread crumbs

Oil to fry


Mix Cheese, Ginger and Garlic paste  in Mince and combine well.

Add Mayonnaise

Add peri peri sauce

Add Black Pepper

Now combine the mince mixture very well.

Seed out Chillies very well

Stuff the Chillies with Chicken mix.

Dip in beaten egg.

Coat breadcrumb on the stuffed Chillies.

Spread Cooking oil in a frying pan as I do not want to deep fry it so I pour a little less oil in the pan, Spread Chillies on the oil. 

 carefully turnaround Chillies when they turn Golden dish out and serve.