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Friday, 17 March 2017

Gingerbread Man

I have always heard and read whenever I have a nightmare that many dreams occur due to the activities have done all day long. I want to know if this is true up to a little extent even and tried to think something particular all day long but nothing experienced what I was carrying in my mind.  

I did an experiment of watching movies before bedtime so that I could dream about the movie I watched. I was not successful in watching any dream of the movies I watched the same day or the ones I watched days before. Despite following a routine for a couple of days or may be more than two weeks I was unable to find any evidence of my assumed hypothesis about dreams.

Later, I gave a try to biographies of many people like by Maya Angelou and read her book "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" nothing happened, She did not come to my dream. Though I was not expecting her to tell me about her life but she did not bother to say Hi to prove my hypothetical study. Maya Angelou is an old lady why not let Elizabeth gilbert for "Eat Pray Love" come to my dream or Ketut liyer a medicine man and healer never came to visit my dreams. Believe me, I do not mean Ketut to heal my crazy wounds but at least I deserve a Hello.

Next book is Einstein: His life and Universe by Walter Isaacson, I apologise to explain Einstein seems too busy in calculations with his friends Marcel Grossmann and Michele Angelo Besso when his second wife Elsa Einstein is busy taking care of him. His first wife Mileva Mari feeling busy for his kids. I attempted more and write blogs about Einstein in his Bern patent office, a blog about his wife Elsa and one also to tell his relationship with his children. No one from that book even Hitler come to see me, you know Walter Isaacson author of the book I thought about him all day long but in vain. 

Above mentioned people were not from my country they might have some issues including language as a barrier, no worries I can try people from my own country. Daughter of destiny became my target, this book is written by assassinated Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto an ex-prime minister of Pakistan. The youngest of Pakistan and first of Muslim world female prime minister. She wrote hardships of life in the regime of General Zia-ul-Haq, both of them are still facing each other in my point of view.

When everyone failed to come to me, I baked Ginger Bread man. He has jumped from oven, the childless lady who baked her first is jumping behind him and I am waiting for them to come to my dream no but I am waiting for everyone I talked about before. You can also suggest me if you know someone possibly come to my dreams.

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