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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Birthday Cake & Hair Style

Every year when on my birthday I have so many different things to cherish my memories I recall a hairstyle of Birthday. The hair style of my youngest brother was not perfect in my opinion on the day I was going to celebrate my eighth Birthday. In those days all of us were living together with my paternal grandparents so no one was outside to be invited for the cake cutting ceremony so we had a small celebration. 

The hair style story is for entire noon I waited for everyone to go for the afternoon nap so that I could play with my brother and make his hairstyle so good for the evening. Somehow I found myself alone with my 2 years old brother. I brushed his hair, put some gel, wet his hair but nothing was going with my childhood high sense of style.Let me tell you my brother was my very good friend and used to enjoy my company so much that is why he was letting me for his hair style again and again. 

When everything failed I decided to give him a very good hair cut. Fortunately or unfortunately (I don't know either) I managed to find a scissor from my father's shaving kit or from my mother's sewing kit I exactly do not remember. I started my job means cutting his hair and continued the process till the hair style perfectly suit my aesthetic sense. In actual not to suit my sense of beauty but there was no hair left on his head to cut further. I finished my work of hair style and presented to my grandmother, she scolded me even everyone scolded me the noon became horrible. My parents and grandparents thanked God that I luckily did not hurt my brother and myself.

But the evening became more horrible and prolonged the story. When I was cutting my birthday cake, the knife was not cutting it because I was holding knife downside up. My uncle realised that uttered that I can only cut the hairs, not the cake. After that birthday everyone has a sentence to tease me "I can do only cut the hairs". 

Children always do naughty things but on some special occasion, they think more. In my story, nothing worst happened but parents should be a little more careful on such days. 

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