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Thursday, 16 March 2017

What should I do First

I have nothing to blog, I am confused because of so many things in queue to work on. Like I just saw a research position dealing with the cellular network and targeting the base station not to be placed exactly in the centre of a cell and wanted to apply on that.

But exactly before that, I was deeply thinking about the ancient civilisations and prehistory of the world. How do prehistory and ancient civilisation come to upfront, what were the resources to gather information for their existence and what kind of information and data gave help to classify them? Symbols or words inscribed on the stones might help to read their culture, might help to read their lifestyle. In the end, there was something found to know about them like written parchment or papyrus, patterned clay, drawn in the form of pictures on pots. but in recent times we are saving all of the information in form of soft copies which in my opinion are so far vulnerable in comparison of written clay tablets, papyrus or written parchment.What is the future of data because a fire could hit a tsunami can destroy up to a certain area but an internet virus can become a global virus when we are connected to the internet could destroy much of the data very quickly. New techniques are evolving day by day for a tighter security of the data but new techniques are also hitting the security as well.

Before ancient data story, I was badly indulged to know about Tea how the entire world even before this globalisation was familiar to tea. Though the plants could be different around the world for preparing tea in different regions yet there is tea found everywhere around the world.

What should I do first work on the cellular network, ancient data preserves in comparison of recent data, Preparing tea around the globe.

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