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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Freedom OR Restriction

The existence of depression, loneliness and Societal pressure is not the subject of a particular society, region or gender. A person of any region, cast or creed could be a victim of this with a slight variance of parameters of its surroundings. Sometimes freedom of the society and sometimes restriction are causing damage. Once I read a true story about a depressed teen girl belonging to a developed and progressed country. It is a normal impression for a person like me that people would not be depressed in a developed country as they have a better life and health plans. According to the author of the story that parents of the girl separated in her childhood and remarried after some time. Also, no one was there left for her. She was living alone in an apartment belonging to her either of parents. It hardly happened they visit her or call her to them. First, she started overeating out of her loneliness and became a victim of obesity, people around her use to tease her for being fat. She isolated herself more and started taking drugs to overcome her loneliness and one day she died because of overdose. This is how a youthful life became a victim of her social pressure being fat and societal freedom to get drugs easily. 

On the other hand, in developing, country people depend on each other for the fulfilment of their livings. Like I came to know for a guy who committed suicide just before the day he was getting married. This was just because he was supporting his ill brothers and could not arrange for livings of his wife after his marriage. He became a victim of the social pressure that he cannot manage his livings up to certain standards. He was bound for the fulfilment of needs of others dependent on him because of social pressure.

 Parents of the girl left her to die alone and living their lives, the family of the boy totally dependent on him pulled him to commit suicide. I am helpless to figure out an individual must be free to the parents of the girl belonging to a developed country or restricted like the boy belonging to a developing country. Is there any way existing to overcome war of freedom and restriction?

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