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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star A Story


Twinkle twinkle Little Star
How I Wonder What you are.

The first rhyme I learned and telling to my grandfather as I finished telling him and asked me now tell me the complete poem what actually it is about. I became nervous. He called my mother and asked her she has memorised complete verses but does not understand the poem. 

He started giving a lecture to my mother why did not she make me understand the poem. My mother took words seriously felt a little bad and typically considers an insult from a Father-in-Law. My mother had a point of view that I have memorised the poem this is second step to make her understand the poem. But my grandfather was stick to his point that thing should go in parallel for a child and must learn the poem with full empathy at the same time. So he gave me an understanding of the poem which I learnt by hear. But also from that day, I became extremely conscious and whenever I came to know something new I keep annoying my elders to explain me, to make me understand.

The next time I became more confused in fact I would like to say now “How I Wonder What you are”. A neighbouring auntie visited us, asked me out of love with children do you remember rhymes. I told her, yes I remember twinkle twinkle and read the poem to her and then explained to her as my grandfather did. But she said you have memorised the poem but you are not giving the actions for the poem. She taught me actions for the poem. 

Let me tell you mischievously that my mother did not mind what the auntie said but she did for what my grandfather said being a daughter-in-law. Also, I did not tell her that I have written this. 

My point is how the process of learning starts for a child, memorising the poems, their explanations and then the actions for the poem. After accomplishment of a step, a new step opens a new Horizon. If had not learnt the poem then might not learn the explanations, the meaning and the actions for it. Take the first step next will automatically open up to your way. 

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