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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Solution to plastic bottles and wraps

I always dream of nature being so close to beauty rather nature herself is beautiful. This is a beautiful place to enjoy the lovely weather. But what made me think and think against the advent of science in this era is Hiking spot visit. Everything natural I noticed there. Despite city was a clean and safe city, I noticed Plastic bottles for drinks and plastic wraps for foods litter everywhere.  We are very civilised that is why we are using disposable bottles; wraps and we litter the garbage. If I could figure out almost every edible is preserved in plastic and the plastic, we can recycle but the point is they are recycled after a hefty process. Before that recycling, litter plastic has taken enough part in ruining the environment and weather in so many ways.

Now I think as we are a cultured and literate human being enough different from the cave man. Early age people used to throw garbage anywhere they wanted and we are same in that way. I also imagine the garbage of that time would be leaf plates, dishes and some hollow wood used as water utensil that might not harm the environment. I don’t mind if modern people also throw leafy and wooden garbage anywhere because it will decay in the natural environment no chemical, mechanical or thermal process required for it. This chemical, mechanical or thermal processes hit weather, causing global warming. Just dig hole put wooden leafy garbage then soils it and grow another plant on it and achieve the target of healthy environment

We can consider now at this time those hollow wooden utensils as a water bottle and leafs for wrapping food rather than plastic made products. A good example of that is bamboo; at least water bottles can be made of it if it is not suitable for juices and cola. But I am pretty sure that science can make a little advancement to bring cola and juices in bamboo as well and we will be able to say thanks to science again. For wrapping purpose we can find plants and leafs around us those can help for the shelf life of edibles and can transport food in streets up to a general period. Weather will also not effect for global warming.

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