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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Beauty to global climate change

Good looks matters and looking beautiful is in the instinct of human. Nature has built a system for being looking beautiful, doing efforts for beauty, praising beauty and be praised for beauty. We praise nature also for its beauty. We are also supposed to keep nature beautiful. So that upcoming generations could enjoy as much as we are doing and as our ancestors has done from old age.

Clues are found from ancient times that old age habitant was also curious and struggling to satisfy this built-in instinct of mankind. Some crude stones were engraved for different purposes like to make building architecture beautiful. Man has also carved and arranged stones for jewellery purpose. Different herbs were in use for lengthening dark or blond healthy hair. People use to struggle for getting fair complexion of skin and even tattooing skin for prettiness.  If not everything then must be something is written on the pages of history about beauty.

But evolution took place either does rapidly or does slowly but we are in the phase which has led us to the runway of somehow negativity. We are using man made products in beauty craze. These products are made up of different chemicals those are not as good as natural herbs. But they are making the environment polluted. For example face wash containing micro beads are producing enough waste in the water because these do not dissolve in water or decay with the passage of time as any natural product could be.

This is an example of face wash only there are many other products used to make ourselves beautiful but causing to perish the beauty of nature. There is no justice in the favour of nature’s attractiveness to make us beautiful on the cost of ugliness of this polluted earth climate. 

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