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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Let us leave the planet earth

Oh, my God, this is getting dirty very dirty. We have to clean it before extreme could occur and erase cities, villages and even metropolitan from the book of earth. We have polluted Oceans Rivers, forests lakes and the entire environment otherwise we must have to leave this planet.

We purposely process for our livelihood, eating greens cutting greens and developing industries to fulfil the needs. These industries lavishly generating smoke and chemical scum and many of other things dangerous for the earth.

Chemicals are thrown in the water to flow it away. But in return, we are facing the loss of sea life. Chemical infused water causing death or eradication of species under water. It is believed that big ones eats small one and keeping a cycle of healthy production. Let us suppose if small ones die of this chemical what is there to eat for the big ones in the water.

Then it comes to smoke it is evacuated in the air and warming it and heating us all to the boiling point. I don’t want to impose my idea but just for a second if the climate is getting hotter day by day then the water must be. The overall effect could again hit the underwater species.

Trees are cut down to construct building and roads for transportation. Trees are gone for construction and furniture, transportation is again smoky. In the end, we might not be left with any room for greens or might be no seeds to grow.

No need to worry we have plans to move out of this shabby world. When there will not be anything left for our use we will move to another planet. We are trying to find life on the other planets including the beautiful moon (like the loved ones). If we would be successful we will definitely move to the new one for our better life. After moving from the earth a campaign will be started to demolish the earth with some explosives.

Let me raise one more point or test program plan (TPP) in case we got to live on the moon there will not be any moon anymore to resemble with loved ones. 

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