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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Weathering for Climate Change

Weathering for climate

I read an article on Scientific America related to prevention methods of global warming by pulling carbon from the air. The article writer cited process of weathering for prevention of global warming.
According to this weathering process, farmers will spread silicate rock grains in soil. There would be some heavy duty system involved to ground silicate rocks to mix with soil. As the theory is mixing rock silicate grains will speed up the chemical process with carbon dioxide in the air and produce phosphorus and potassium to increase the growth of the plant.

But in my point of view, this method of prevention will help firstly by absorbing carbon dioxide for a chemical reaction. And secondly, the grown plants will increase the chances to cool down the temperature of the earth. Though no idea of the dark part of this prevention method despite the one I know is the cost of grinding silicate into grains.

 Further studies are awaited for the dark part of chemical reactions of this technique. But up till now this seems to aid this warming earth


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