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Thursday, 5 January 2017

A Saint in my dream

A Saint in my dream

Might be you would not believe in my words because I myself is confused for it what I experienced once. There are certain numbers of people who do not believe in God and then not in angels, Saints and Messengers from God. It also does not mean that if you believe in God you must be going to believe in the existence of Saints especially in the times we are taking our scientific breath. Our existence is a reality with no doubts nonetheless sometimes what we experience; we become convinced of the existence of supernatural, superhuman being and may be saints. 

The day my father came to pick me from college in the evening, my mother was also there with him. As I sat in the car my mother impatiently said that something is wrong with papa, he is not behaving normally. I started talking to him and I felt the same because he was stammering a little and was not pronouncing the words accurately. I also started worrying about the situation. When he started driving the car we hardly survived a few bad incidents or you may call them accidents but thanks to God that we reached home safely.

We insisted him all the way back to the home visit the doctor but he was not willing at any cost. After reaching home I called the doctor discussed everything in details he said that he is unable to figure it out without a complete checkup.  All of us somehow managed to take him to the doctor and he recommended few test to get the final finding of the illness. After coming home we gave him prescribed medicine and he slept peacefully. All of us went to our rooms so much worried about him. I was unable to sleep till late and anxiously praying for his good health. I remember in late hours of the night I fall asleep for a while and that nap was not more than fifteen minutes, when I got up I was so much scared of a dream. I saw in the dream that there was a hall filled with a huge number of people may be countless. There was a saint sitting on a terrace going to start a prayer for every single person present in the hall. I also gave a piece of paper written “Please pray for my father “to his caretaker. My worries for my father extended in perspective of my dream it was a hard time till we got his reports. He had a minor stroke which is curable, treatment started and he recovered completely.

But what was the dream about I really do not know? Was it just my unconscious stage of mind due to worries was there something supernatural or God really sends his angels and saint to heal poor people on earth.

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