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Monday, 2 January 2017

Nursery Class

Nursery Class

 I could recall my nursery class, on behalf of few things I remember but no one believes that how is it possible to remember memories of early childhood.

The first thing I daily asked my father was about the car whenever he came to pick me from school I would ask him are you coming on his car or the one from office. My concern was if he is on his car he might stay with us for lunch but not in the case of official one.

The other thing which is very hurting is the day when the teacher asked me to finish my lunch in the break time. The story is my governess at school use to feed me my lunch which I never finished. I always bring some lunch back to home. One day class teacher announced that no kid will go to governess for lunch, yet instead, everyone would be finishing own. I started eating bite by bite and soon I came to know that I am eating it myself and can never finish it. So I started crying loudly. And also before taking lunch to school I was taking my feeder full of milk and I could have taken that regularly if me fellows would not have teased me.

Another thing I recall was the day when my parents brought me a two piece suite of corduroy in brown colour with silver buttons. When my mother wore me that suit my pants were too loose to fit on my waist. Somehow everyone at home managed to fix that around my waist. In that struggle, I got late from school and latecomers had to sit a little away from the on time students and I was too embarrassed on that day of my school.

One more thing to tell is the day I lost my rubber in my classroom and noticed when I started my homework. I simply declared I would only finish my work when I get my rubber. So I went to market with my uncle and bought like the lost one. But the hilarious part of the story is when I entered home I saw few pencil lines on walls by my younger brothers. I started rubbing those lines till my uncle came after parking the car and I had lost half of my rubber in size.

I want to know if anyone else has something stupid and funny like this, share in comments.

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